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once monthly on a Tuesday


6.30 - 8.30


see the events page for next swish



  • you must bring at least one item of clothing

  • itmes will be rated and given appropriate tokens. our decision is final.

  • please ensure items are clean and of good quality-no holes are marks

  • no underwear  but shoes and accesories are fine

  • spend your tokens. tokens can be spent at any swish

  • drink as much tea as you can muster

'swishing' is a great way to declutter your old wardrobe-and get a new outfit at the same time!


bring along pieces you dont want anymore (it doesnt have to be vintage) and swap it for some tokens. then spend those tokens on something else whilst having a cuppa

'clothes to exchange must be received by 6pm on day of swish.


event starts at 6.30 with half an hour to browse. actually swishing can start at 7.00


tea will be served throughout the event. if you would like anything to eat we will also be serving cakes and savouries on the night- shopping works up an appetite!


any clothes left will remain in the next swish.

after 6 swishes items shall be donated to RSPCA, Athritus Research and Salvation Army


any enquiries please email enquiries@biddystearoom.com