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'We have so many people to thank through

history for our Nation's love of tea.


(for anyone who is interested

I do have a timeline of my tea heroes here)


The particular habit of taking afternoon tea is said to have started in 1661 but it's the way my Nan used to serve it that inspired Biddy's. Whenever anyone would visit she would seem to have everything out in a flash, all on stands, and there was so much of it. She didn't have much money but would act like the supplies could just keep on going-and in proper portion sizes! Nothing was too much trouble. If you wanted the crusts cut off, then you shall, and we still do so at Biddy's.

'I wanted a tongue-in-cheek environment that didn't take itself too seriously with it's style but did focus on good home baking. I've always been interested in history and obsessed with antiques. I wanted Biddy's to reflect the bits I loved in each era...  the whimsey of the Victorians, the ingenuity of the Edwardians, the romance of the pre-Raphaelites and the work ethic of Arts and Crafts movement! It's a lot to ask, but I tried to cram as much of this into Biddy's as I could-I always just hoped people 'got it'?!' 

Without Mr Twining tea might still have been taxed at 80%, he was responsible for making it affordable for the masses.

We salute you Sir!

history of afternoon tea